Canon Eos 7D Mk II

Until recently this was my camera of choice for most things, my "Jack Of All Trades" (Master Of None!) camera, bearing in mind I do a lot of animal photography as well as photographing moving subjects the 7D II was a logical choice with it's fast focus and decent burst speed. Mine now lives with a Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary almost permanently attached to it - they make a good combination and make shooting moving objects a pleasure - or at least have hugely improved my hit rate from my old 7D MK I and Canon 100 - 400 MK I days. The Contemporary lens gives as good results as the "Sport" version but is much lighter for hand holding and was my lens of choice against the Canon 100 - 400 MK II - whilst also being significantly cheaper! 


Canon Eos M5

I won a Canon Eos M3 last year and really struggled with it due to the simple fact that Canon had managed to leave out the software settings to turn off the "Exposure Simulation". The camera was excellent outside of the studio, but I do a lot of work inside a studio and without the ability to disable the Exposure Simulation the camera was pretty much useless to me. Then along came the M5 where finally Canon got it right ... the full software settings including the all important ES disable setting and a built in viewfinder so you could hold the camera like a camera and not at arms length. I finally found a use for the M3 ... as a part exchange for the M5. A good deal from Castle Cameras further sealed it and the EOS M5 found it's way into my camera bag.

I love this little camera ... it's become my camera of choice for just about everything except moving subjects (and it seems to manage those fairly reasonably just not quite as well as the 7D II !) The full Eos software package gives you the same functionality as a decent DSLR in a much smaller and lighter package and the adapter that came with it allows me to attach any Eos Lens onto the front of it. It seems to spend a lot of time with my old battered 100 F2.8 Macro on the front of it - and it's brilliant in the studio with this lens.